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great gift ideas
Pens galore! It is impossible to showcase all of our available pens – there are hundreds of different types and colours all waiting to be branded with your company info. Please contact us to find the pens most suitable for your needs.
This USB Hub and Warmer boasts four USB ports (2 on each side) as well as a base to warm your coffee mug. A wonderful, unique gift!
USB Hub and Warmer
This superb Wine Cooler Bag is the perfect gift for those needing some fun, relaxing time. The bag includes 2 x napkins and goblets and 1 x bottle opener, cheese knife and cork bottle stopper.
Wine Cooler Bag
Sim Card Backup. This useful tool stores approx 250 address book entries and includes a presentation tin. No PDA/PC required. It also has an incoming call indicator with flashing led's. Batteries are included.
Sim Card Backup
USB’s galore! These colourful USB’s come in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 512MB. We also have an extensive range of other USB’s…please contact us for further information.


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